closer A Quick Update closer

If you have your own company, blog or website you probably know this feeling: “I HAVE WRITE SOMETHING!”. Usually this springs forth from visitors who demand new content, but sometimes it’s from the most unlikely source. My sister who is living in the USA right now (see her blog in dutch here) randomly told me to update the website… so I did.

Last week JiJi was at the Casual Connect conference in Amsterdam an boy, it was great! We met with over 100 different indie developers and got some great feedback on Yannic’s new game, TankTap! Check the video below to see the progress on this awesome 4-man local multiplayer mayhem for tablets:

The conference itself was crazy. We saw tigers, gold-painted little people, had free cocktails, met up with the guys from Chartboost and met russian oligarchs, by whom I was invited to spend the summer in Ukraïne.

Also, Infectilt is coming along nicely with a new addition to our team! His name is Gerben and since he knows more about programming than most of us he is most welcome. ;-)

Last but not least T.A.U. will arrive in stores shortly, here’s some art to keep you warm.