JiJi Jam #1

closer  JiJi Jam #1  closer

Today our new website kicks off!

We spent this weekend doing our very first Game Jam, paving the way for our upcoming title Infectilt in 48 hours. We also worked on the new website and we hope you like it! We’ve been working behind the scenes in the last months to give body to what is now JiJi, as the team keeps growing and projects keep being added to the already busy curriculum. For example, we’ve started work on our very first app named Goods (More about this below).

Currently, sleep deprivation is taking its toll and the whipping isn’t really helping either, as this picture shows:

jam #1

Furthermore, Jesse has been drawing like mad, giving life to the hero of the game. She’s going to be a badass protagonist, as far as the game has any protagonist (Yes, this is a spoiler). Dax has been working on making her come to life, but you’ll have to wait to see her full glory.

In the meanwhile I’ve done some interviews with potential customers for Goods and received some astonishing feedback. I truly believe this is turning into an app that you will see more of.

At the end of the weekend I shall give an overview of the progress on Infectilt. Also, we haven’t forgotten about Tanks, Aliens Upgrades! I know you’ve all been waiting for this one to hit the charts but I ask for patience. Yannic has stated that the amount of time he can spend on it will increase in the upcoming weeks, so expect some really cool updates!

Last but not least I’d like to extend my thanks to Vincent da Silva from DigitalForest for helping out with some tricky code this weekend. Keep you posted!


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