JiJi Journal #2

closer JiJi Journal #2 closer

It’s been a while since our last update, so it has become a lengthy one!

First of all, Yannic, a member of our core team, has started his new job at Little Chicken Game Company. And while we’re proud, of course we’re also a little sad that he will be spending alot less time with us. Luckily, as everyone knows, there is no leaving a family and we’re very proud to still have him on board occasionally to help with the progression of Infectilt and Hellspawn. Infectilt is still rotting to a sickening sweet tenderness, although at the moment we are too short on resources to give it the amount of attention and polish it deserves.

This brings me to our second topic, Hellspawn! We’ve created this fast-paced frantic local multiplayer battle game in our spare time and are very proud of it. Nothing says “Fun” more than four friends bashing away on an Ipad or Android tablet, being more concerned about their opponent’s moves than the structural integrity of the screen used to play. Here’s a pic for an idea on what Hellspawn is all about:

Hellspawn Alpha footage

Thirdly, staying in line with the current topic of local multiplayer games, we want to shine some light on a recent creation of Yannic’s: TankTap. This top-down tank shooter is the current king of the hill in local multiplayer games. Rarely did we have this much fun with an Ipad game. We must admit we’re a fan of the local multiplayer concept, but we can heartily recommend it to anyone who likes tanks, ipad games and/or brutally exploding their friends! Get it HERE!

TankTap Chaos!

Fourthly, we’d like to introduce a new member to our team: Mats Hofman! He’s a first-rate programmer, here to pick up a new project that’s being discussed with an educational client from the Netherlands. It’s about teaching primary school children about russian language, culture and topography and will (hopefully) be a great addition to our portfolio! More news on this game once production has started and when we have some actual footage.

Last but not least, here’s an overview of all the games we published last year. Many thanks to Vasco Games for being such an awesome publisher, providing us with priceless advice and support. Everything we produced remains, to this day, completely FREE of charge. Even though our first game we made for Vasco didn’t make it into the app store, we still consider it one of our best games. This because it’s a game we still play ourselves, and became stealthily addictive over a longer period of time. Play a free in-browser version of Bridge Builder HERE!

bridgia example

Our second, third and final projects of 2014 were very similar to eachother, but then again different enough to showcase in separate occasions. They are all free games for android devices. We started off with Autotransporter, which for us was a great achievement in the sense that it was our first game to break a 10.000 download record, subsequently surpassing it with more than 50.000 downloads! Get Autotransporter HERE!

final truck

Our second game was, due to an oversight on our part, much less of a commercial success (while being a better game overall). This was due to a bug that caused the tutorial message not popping up; this made sure new players didn’t understand they had to ‘load’ their trucks before riding out, essentially killing them before they could understand how to play. We learned alot from this mistake, not only because the work we put into the game itself alone was already disheartening compared to how it was received by the public. Nonetheless, once you have played a previous or similar game you know it’s about how you drive and not necessarily how fast you go. :-) Get Army Transporter HERE!

Army transporter screen

In November 2015 we finished Construction Driver, our most ambitious and (untill now) last project for Vasco Games. We feel this is not the best-looking, but certainly the most fluid and best game in the transporter series gameplay-wise. You can try it HERE!

construction driver truck

2015 for JiJi means finishing our first educational game, finishing Hellspawn, Making progress on Infectilt but most of all: Mess around with the Samsung Oculus Gear VR! This magical piece of hardware has recently come into our possession and we are extremely thrilled to start making stuff for it. Expect life-changing experiences, we’ll do our very best to keep you entertained. As always, we keep our games free to play!