JiJi’s trip to Chartboost HQ

closer JiJi’s trip to San Fransisco closer

As the previous post stated already, Yannic, Jesse, Dax and me (Vincent) are going to San Fransisco next week to join Chartboost University! We will be showing off our progress on Infectilt as well as getting masterclasses on game creation and marketing topics.

We are incredibly grateful to the people at Chartboost for their (almost altruïstic) inclination to help small indie game developers such as ourselves grow. We hope to use this week of non-stop creative development to give Infectilt an even brighter monetary future, as opposed to ‘just’ being as awesome as it is now.

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We’ll also be visiting Startuphouse, a new venue started by my friend Elias (Founder of startupbus). It’s a co-working space for great minds in the tech industry and we can’t wait to make some friends!

Aside from San Fransisco being one of the tech capitals of the world in the presence of silicon valley, it’s also a great opportunity for us to become an even closer group. We’ll be stuck with eachother for a full week (as we normally work on a distance) and I strongly believe this will be making us work better as a group. But enough business!

I want to share some inside info: JiJi has started another project on the side! For now we’d like to keep things a secret so that we have time to develop a coherent idea, before we present it to the outside world. Nonetheless I’m really thrilled to see things in motion and I’m sure you will be once we’ve gathered all the details!